Leather Bucket

Extremadura (Spain)
39°18′38″N 6°05′04″W

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215 150

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Bucket 100% printed calf leather. Maximum strap lenght 116 cm. Measures 17cm x 18cm x 13cm

Benquerencia is the small village of Extremadura (Spain) where our grandmother Hortensia was born. We have a family house to rest all together near this hill. It calms your soul.

Printed Calf leather bucket with straps
Measures 17cm x 18cm x 13cm
Max. strap lenght 116 cm
Min. strap lenght 62 cm

This product is made from calf leather skin printed digitally. The process is done with a specific technique that simulates a skin tattoo, causing the ink to penetrate it and guaranteeing durability. After this it goes to the fixing and finishing process to make it resistant. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth and specific leather cleaning products. Always keep it inside your bag to protect it.

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