The Zubizarreta sisters grew up in Madrid (Spain), where their family taught them to appreciate the beauty of design and things well done.

In 2012 while they were working in different areas as marketing and interior design, they decided to start a capsule collection of printed bags. Seemingly overnight, both of them turn their design passion into a successful brand.

Every ZUBI is made with an original photo taken by Mercedes and Elena around the world as all are part from their personal archives. Every piece is unique, and it is more than a product, it is an experience, a memory that travels with you. The piece is named with the place where the photograph was taken, it has a story behind that we share and it has its GPS cords.

They design thinking on a woman that works, studies and has her own family, but still wants something special on her everyday outfit. Every model is designed with the essential size and shape, removing superficial and recovering basic functionality. This is the reason why when you start using it and appreciate its comfort and lightness you could not switch it by any other.

Since its inception, ZUBI has tried to create sustainable economic opportunities for Spanish artisans and entrepreneurs, feeling proud to support the 100% HandMade in Spain from the beginning to the end.

ZUBI bags are sold at selected stores worldwide. They are passionate about creating a multidimensional brand that evolves towards the needs of their customers. They have great friends and celebrity followers like Gala Gonzalez and Eugenia Silva.

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