Rayon and viscose Shirt

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125 69



Elena is a long sleeve shirt that belongs to our Cotswolds Fw 19/20 collection. Its long sleeve closes on a pleated button cuff. This shirt has one patch pocket on the bust that make it more stylish, also the asymmetric bass.

Elena Horses is a white shirt with horses distributed without following a pattern – each shirt is unique – and performing different dressage positions in black. We inspired in Sabucedo print – which appears in others prototypes and fabrics – we designed this fashionable and comfort shirt.

We use to wear this shirt like you see in the pictures, with the front part tucked into the pants.

Elena Horse is made in 50% rayon and 50% viscose. Both are light fabrics with a lot of movement and fresh. In addition, they do not accumulate static electricity. These two fibers together make the touch very pleasant.

Like all our products, Elena shirt is made in Spain.

This garment sizes are a little taller, so we recommend to check the measurement table to select the perfect size. You can also call us or come to our flagship and we will be pleased to advise you.Like all our products, Amanda dress is made in Spain.

If you want to know more about our fabrics, check out this post.

Long Sleeve Shirt
Composition: 50% rayon + 50% viscose
Made in Spain by the best artisans
Sizes: 1 – 2 – 3 (oversize)

This product is made with 50% rayon and 50% viscose.
Rayon is a manufactured and regenerated cellulosic artificial fiber. And viscose is a viscous organic liquid used in the manufacture of rayon. This fabric is manufactured from cellulose that is extracted from wood and is characterized by being breathable. These fabrics are soft, light, comfortable and breathable.

Handmade 100% in Spain.

Delicate fabrics like this may be hand-washed in cold water with a gentle detergent.

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